Rogacki & Krell

your solicitors in Kiel

Our Iaw firm appeals to small and medium-sized businesses as well as to those seeking advice for the very first time.

Legal competence and business understanding are fundamental to success. Our principal aim is the prevention of lawsuits and unnecessary costs.

Cooperating with our partners in Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltic states we offer our clients a full range of quality legal services in private industrial and administrative Iaw.

As our client you can communicate with us in:

German, English, French

Swedish, Danish

Our translation services cover all legal documents.

Stefan Rogacki, 

born in Schleswig (Germany), studies in Kiel, foreign experiences in Sweden and Denmark, partner of Balltick Sportsmarketing, lecturer.

main topics:

  • industrial law
  • migration and asylum law
  • international civil law
  • family law
  • traffic law
  • mediation
  • advertising and sponsoring

Alexander Krell,

born 1968 in Kiel (Germany), studies in Kiel and Lausanne (Switzerland), foreign experience in New York (USA) and Réunion (France), lecturer.

main topics:

  • industrial law
  • competition law
  • commercial law